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When you bundle up your little one in baby sweaters, do you ever think of your mother telling you not to leave your house without your coat when you were little? Now that you're a mom, you appreciate the importance of keeping your child warm in all types of weather. Crummy Bunny is committed to letting you do just that in style with looks unlike any your mom had for you in your wardrobe. Our unique styles make dressing babies, toddlers and kid girls and boys more fun for you and your little one.

A Taste of Central America
At Crummy Bunny, we have a line of imaginative sweaters that are fully handmade by artisans in Central America. Featuring looks for both girls and boys, the line of baby sweaters has scenes from life high in the mountainous areas of the region. Llamas, birds, quaint villages and beautiful landscapes are depicted in their designs in color schemes that are modern and bright. The expertly crafted sweaters have hoods and zip fronts and are lined with fleece to make them extra snuggly on cold days.

Looks for the Fashionista in the Making
Why try to fight it? You have a little diva on your hands. While she may not be big enough yet to be asking for looks from the runways or the latest shoes or handbags from the biggest couture brands, she wants to look grownup and chic when you're heading out, even if it's just to the grocery store. Fortunately, we have baby sweaters made with her in mind. With luxe looks like leopard faux fur, she'll feel glamorous and look completely adorable, particularly when you finish her ensemble with one of our feminine little girl headbands.

Sweaters to Enliven Young Imaginations
Think a sweater is just a sweater? Think again! We have sweaters that let kids reinvent themselves as friendly or fierce monsters who are bent on destruction or just getting a few hugs. We also have animal sweater costumes that let kids join their favorite creatures in the water or on the land. Our adorable sweaters are perfect for dress up or for going out, and like our themed little boy beanies never fail to spark kids' creativity.

Shop our baby sweaters collection now to see all of the imaginative, fashionable and colorful ways there are to keep your child warm in every season. To complete your cold weather looks for your little one, be sure to check out our baby hats collection, too.
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